Coda to Valentine’s Day: silent film postcards

Flowers and chocolates and clichés, I don’t care, but I really like the idea of reclaiming Valentine’s Day as a time to express your feelings for the important people in your life. I have so many amazing friends, they mean the world to me—and sometimes you just have to say that! So, what better than to send out a bunch of film postcards to my best pals?

Several were silent film-themed: let me share them with you.

Die Asta at her gothic best as Hamlet

Anna Sten in the wonderful Девушка с коробкой | Girl with a Hatbox (USSR 1927)

Brigitte Helm in a publicity still for Metropolis. Maximum glam!

The multi-Moz

Triple Pola

An alarmed Bertini in La piovra (1919), which incidentally is quite a good film

Solo Pola

This is a semi-annual tradition of mine. See my 2015 cards here!

And remember what they say: Roses are red, gender is performative, mass market romance is heteronormative!

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