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Anarchic architecture … Buster Keaton’s One Week (US 1920)

One Week of 1920 is one of my favourite Buster Keaton shorts; it’s the one I show to friends as a gateway drug to silent cinema. Keaton’s first foray into solo film-making, it shows him at the height of his powers … Continue reading

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Rest in pieces … Mary Jane’s Mishap (GB 1903)

I recently rewatched one of the greatest of early films, Mary Jane’s Mishap, or Don’t Fool with Paraffin (Here Lies Mary Jane Who Lighted the Fire with Paraffin). It was directed by George Albert Smith, noted as the inventor of … Continue reading

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Phony matrimony: Die Puppe | The Doll (DE 1919)

The end of the FIFA World Cup and Germany emerged victorious, as many predicted. What a tournament it was, though: apart from the games themselves and the high scorecount, we had the return of Chewy Luis, comedic pratfalls (then less so), meme-worthy goalkeeping, Arjen Robben’s extended … Continue reading

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