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Karalli & Bauer: Счастье вечной ночи | The Happiness of Eternal Night (RU 1915)

This week, a return to the Yevgeni Bauer hour of power! The Happiness of Eternal Night sees Bauer working with actress and ballerina Vera Karalli, actor Vitold Polonsky, and cameraman Boris Zavelev; the same core of After Death, which was released just six … Continue reading

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The flowers of romance? Хризантемы | Chrysanthemums (RU 1914)

Today it’s back to pre-revolutionary Russia, where indeed I’ve been spending a lot of my reading + watching time lately. Chrysanthemums (translit. Khrizantemy; 1914) is the story of Vera Alekseevna Nevolina, played by the radiant Vera Karalli in her first film role (her … Continue reading

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После смерти | After Death (RU 1915)

For me, Yevgeni Bauer is one of the cinematic greats of the teens, and indeed of silent cinema in general.  In a word, his films are elegant. Always beautifully composed in terms of framing, editing, and mise-en-scène, most of his … Continue reading

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