On New Year’s Eve, do the sugar foot strut!

To round out 2015, here’s some instruction on the dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Of 87 years ago, that is. From Fox News of 1928, here’s the sugar foot strut!


Louis Armstrong would record “Sugar Foot Strut” the same year, but this 1928 newsreel publicizes the dance, demonstrated by Marie Saxon. And look at her go!


The newsreel calls it “a step from down in old Virginia”, but in fact, the creator of the dance was ‘Buddy’ Bradley, an African-American pioneer of dance and choreography who taught the steps to Fred Astaire.

Sugar Foot Strut sml

03a-Latest-Dance-Creation-is-‘Sugar-Foot-Strut’-(ca.-1928)-slow-mo   03b-Latest-Dance-Creation-is-‘Sugar-Foot-Strut’-(ca.-1928)-slow-mo

Fantastic work … and proof that Fox News was, at one point, doing watchable reportage.

Have fun ringing in the new year, everyone!

– – –

Latest Dance Creation is ‘Sugar Foot Strut’. Hollywood: Fox Film Corporation, c.1928. Available to watch here on the NFPF’s website.

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